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  • About NFI


    Since commencement of NFI operations, our passion and philosophy has helped us to provide an unrivalled range of products and services that are innovative yet affordable. We have an experience of over the years in the business and highly regarded in the Indian / International market. Stringent Quality Control is maintained throughout the production process, keeping in mind, the final human consumption of our products. NFI have refined and streamlined our model to focus on driving demand for sustainable lifestyle products. Understanding the varied business needs, processes and etiquettes involved, we are truly a global provider.

    NFI is in an ideal position to source and supply a wide range of agricultural products within the country & overseas markets. All our products conform to both domestic as well as international food and commodity standards. Our utmost effort will be to meet customer's expectation beyond their satisfaction. Guided by the principles of honesty and dedication, the company endeavours to provide best quality products at reasonable prices.

    Our personal touch and attention to each transaction adds true value that brings about a positive impact on our customer's growth and prosperity. We understand that each customer has a unique requirement. Our dynamic team of professionals with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of the various applications across business domains enable us to efficiently serve every diverse requirement we come across. Whereby our attention to quality of products and process in manufacturing have been recognized on international level.

    NFI is an Indian company with a commitment to offer the very best certified organic products to our export markets while ensuring a sustainable lifestyle to our partner communities and safe grading the global environment. Our strong business links with reliable sources help us in this mission confirming to a strict quality assurance program entailing Food Safety Management Systems that meet both local and international crite. And we export to all Countries and our Country profile keeps expanding.

    We try to contribute into making the environment that we live and work in better for us and next generations to come. High quality and dependable support has been the hallmark of NFI. We have proven "ONE STOP FOR ORGANIC" food products locally and internationally.

    Our Values

    In our business relationships, NFI place special emphasis and great value on:

    To be totally committed in executing the task in the best possible manner; we believe we can do it right, the first time.

    To be totally professional in all our activities; always engage expertise and specialization in both words and action.

    Do the right thing using the right way always; this will enable the best to be delivered every time.

    Be honest and dependable always; this will create respect and credibility.

    After all, we are all human beings, so let's respect and value each other.

    Our Focus

    Superior Quality: 

    The quality of the product we offer comes first, followed closely by the quality of service that is offered.


    To create sustainability in all aspects of social, environmental and economical activity; all actions should be economically feasible, socially acceptable and environmentally viable.