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  • Grains



    (a) Rice

    We are a key exporter & supplier of Rice, which is a class of rice in the milling process or drying process. This variety of rice is broadly used for making various Indian, Mughlai and Chinese dishes. It is preferred for rich taste, excellent texture and ideal quality. Our Rice is hygienically prepared in requisite environment to ensure the best results. It is ideal for local cuisine as well as popular rice dishes. We also keep up with quality packaging, global standards and very affordable prices.

    Features & Benefits:

    •   High Energy Content
    •   Naturally Sweet
    •   Good Cooking Results
    •   Ideal Nutrient Aspect

       Sona Masuri Rice
       HMT Rice
       Tamilnadu Sonai
       Tamilnadu Poni
       Koshihikari Rice
       Idly Rice I
       Idly Rice II
       Korean Rice
       Sona Raw Rice
       IR20 Raw Rice
       Kullakkar Red Rice (semi-polished)
       Kullakkar Red Rice (unpolished, for and meals)
       Kranti Rice
       Idly Rice
       100% Broken Rice (all varities)

    (b) Wheat

    Wheat is the dominant grain of world commerce Wheat is a type of grass grown all over the world for its highly nutritious and useful grain. It is one of the top three most produced crops in the world, along with corn and rice. . A wide range of wheat products are made by humans, including most famously flour, which is made from the grain itself. The exotic collection of company's superior wheat grains and whole grains variety is the perfect choice of every household. The wholesome Indian wheat grains are rich in taste and nutrition. We are one of the leading exporters of wheat and has a large number of satisfied customers throughout the country and abroad.

    •   Wheat Rava
    •   Wheat Rava Fine
    •   Soft / Hard / Red Hard Wheat

    (C) Millets

    Millets are small seeds grasses, widely grown in India, usually know as cereals crop. The millets are used for both human consumption and as fodder. Millets are known for being digestive and instant high energy giving food. NFI offer finest quality millets ready to be export worldwide in bulk packaging.

    •   Thinai
    •   Saamai
    •   Kambu
    •   Varagu
    •   Ragi

    (d) Maize {Yellow / White Corn}

    Corn / Maize

    Cultivated in the premium yellow maize farms of India, our corn based products are processed and undergo rigorous quality tests. NFI manufacturers Corn Grits Coarse & Fine, Yellow Maize Flour, Starch, Corn Flakes, Maize Gluten and supplies Raw Dried Corn as well. Our products are assessed on a variety of parameters of food grade quality. At NFI we have carved a position internationally as one of reputed Corn/ Maize based products manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter.

    Yellow Corn

    Our premium collection of Yellow Maize is popularly known in the global market as one of the best Bird Feed. Yellow corn also known as sweet corn prevents heart ailments, control blood sugar, lowers hypertension, etc., These yellow Corns are grown under hygienic conditions in Indian fields. We offer grade 1 and grade 2 Yellow Corn and it is used in the preparation of many cuisines. We procure Yellow Corn directly from the farms which makes it very cost-effective. Also, we ensure a tamperproof packaging that guarantees to retain the freshness of the Pure Yellow Maize. We export maize seeds worldwide procured with strict and stringent quality norms assuring best quality to our customers. It is transported in 20ft containers.

    Yellow Corn

    White Corn

    White Corn is low in sodium and fat and is also cholesterol free. We are unsurpassed suppliers and exporters of White Corn in India. The offered White Corn has pleasant taste and enriched with nutrients. Special care is taken about processing and packaging of the White Corn, to retain its taste and freshness.

       Raw Corn/Maize
       Corn/Maize Grits
       Corn/Maize Starch
       Corn/Maize Flour
       Corn/Maize Germ
       Corn/Maize Bran
       Corn/Maize Gluten
    White  Corn